How to manage content on social media

Social Media

It is basically a platform where websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking to get connect with people on daily basis.

You Tube

It is a online video streaming platform which shows any content from around the world with end number of videos post daily on everyone individual accounts.There are several ways of managing an You Tube account and these are as follows.:-

  1. At first sign-in in the account as any particular name or company on the right side by giving name and click on create channel.
  2. After that there is an option to manage or customize channel.
  3. Add profile icon and cover photo or can be channel art also with channel discription.
  4. To share videos from Youtube to another social app is through share option below any video and can also be saved in account.


Facebook is social connecting app throughout the world to get in touch with anyone at anywhere.However,it is a platform where people can share and enjoy the moments by sharing pictures, videos and streaming live.

  1. At first log-in with user name and password in the profile.
  2. To uplaod a video or photo there is option for making post at top of the facebook page.
  3. There will be option for uploading the list, photo/video.
  4. Share option is below the post where the post can be share to several people at one time.
  5. Tagging option is also there to get connected with @and name.
  6. At the top right there is profile, home ,find friends and manage account in the settings.


It is a platfrom for basically uploading photos or links. It is a free website that requires registration to use. Users can upload, save, sort, and manage images—known as pins—and other media content through collection that is pinterest.

  1. It have home ,following and profile at top right of the page after signing-in
  2. search option is at the top in wide to search about any topic.
  3. Create your Pinterest for business account. Go to to the Pinterest for business page and click Join as a business.
  4. Complete your profile.
  5. Confirm your website.
  6. Create boards.
  7. Start Pinning.


It is a platform mostly useful for the bunisessman or job seakers as there are some declearation which post and get interviwed on Linkedin which help some people to gain followers and get to know about the jobs and new stock ratios.

  1. Choose the right profile picture for Linkedin
  2. Add a background photo.
  3. Make your headline more than just a job title.
  4. Turn your summary into your story.
  5. Declare war on buzzwords.
  6. Grow your network.
  7. List all of your relevant skills.
  8. Spread the endorsement love.

Strategies of Increasing Followers on Social Media


Social media is a fantastic way to promote your business. It’s free, you can target your posts and your audience reach is endless. Few other marketing mediums can make such claims but as any social media expert will tell you, there’s no point wasting time and energy sending out content if you don’t have an audience.. Let’s just admit it. We all say we don’t care about the number of followers we have on social networks…but we all do! Like it or not, individuals do take a gander at your supporter numbers, which influences their choice to tail you. Furthermore, the more adherents you have, the bigger the potential reach and impact you have. There is no shortage of posts and aides online about how to construct web based life followings, so what’s distinctive about this one?

There are many ways to increase followers,however even the businessman or celebrities stay active on social media through different platforms with people to stay connect and to set there trend on people so they can discover more and can make more followers and the counting of people also started to increase within days or even hours.

Follow Legitimate, Relevant Accounts

To get pursued, you should initially be a decent adherent. Finding and following records of genuine individuals and organizations who are significant to your business is a first basic advance to building your own after, and is an essential base to make a few of alternate strategies recorded here compelling. However, being in trending on social media through some posts which may include videos or photos also interact people to follow the person for getting more followers. Moreover, nowadays there are several pages on Instagram , Facebook or Youtube where random people get many follower with some funny or interesting memes on pages with million of followers.

Develop Your Social Media Strategy

Micro interaction

It’s the era of micro interaction. People have more work and less time for those long posts you post on the social media. Cut down the text. Be more attractive. Speak more with less words or just with the pictures. People like pictures or even videos, since they take less time.


Be updated about the trend. No one is interested in the old trend. Find what’s trending and have the first mover’s advantage in your posts. Keep your eyes on Facebook & Twitter’s what’s trending sidebars and subscribe to Google alerts to be updated.

Quality to be supported by Quantity

Quality posts are must. Don’t just fool around. But support it with quantity. Post regularly to be in their feeds. Find the best time to post on different social media platforms and give the best you can.

Be Everywhere

Choose one core social media platform but be present everywhere. Post everywhere once a while. Let Google know of your presence. Let everyone know of your presence everywhere.

Post for the correct audience

Find your target group. Post just for them. Greed is bad. Don’t try to attract someone by posting something out of context. Post what you are good at.

Don’t be too professional

Loosen that tie. No one likes the ‘I me and myself’ posts. Interact with your followers. Involve them in the discussions. Post what they like. You can and will always find the time to brag about yourself.

Use the pull tactic

Build your brand. Be classy, or funny, or cool or anything. Make them differentiate you from others. Make your own identity. Make an identity they like as you can never force anyone to like you.


Be yourself and be consistent in your posts. If you’re humorous, remain humorous. Be consistent to your audience. Frequent change in your brand image will make them loose interest in you.

As it can be seen that getting famous on internet isn’t that hard. Just keep posting some cool stuff to the cool target group. Be consistent, be regular and use the analytics for better understanding.

Followers with #HASHTAGS

However, there are some of the aspects which help anyone to gain more followers by giving shoutouts to people in exchange of money which can be transfer through online platforms. #Hashtags are also used to highlight the profile or any individual content which gives light and help get more attention.Nowadays there are number of paid promotion which are done by other admin pages with number of followers..There are several blogs all over around which only need some new content to get anyone in the highlight.Hashtags are extraordinary compared to other approaches to get new devotees on Instagram. Utilizing the privilege hashtags can broaden the span of your pictures, which means more individuals can find and draw in with your substanc.

As far as influencing your post to circulate around the web on the web, it is prudent to utilize hashtags which as of now exist. The way toward finding and utilizing these current hashtags work diversely for every web based life stage. With respect to when a post ought to contain a hashtag and how to guarantee that it is a relatable one, there are a progression of apparatuses and web indexes that assistance you channel down your finds.

Label other individuals and pages

Label different pages, clients and areas in your posts. This improves the probability of other individuals seeing you, page proprietors drawing in with you and it’s likewise an extraordinary method to pick up adherents in case you’re going to an occasion.

The most effective method to develop your internet based life devotees to reinforce your image

Comprehend your crowd. The principal thing you have to distinguish is who your intended interest group is. …

Create profitable substance. …

Lock in. …

Utilize hashtags. …

Be reliable. …

Run rivalries. …

Label other individuals and pages. …

Utilize examination


A social activist and community organizer, began using the phrase “Me Too” in 2006.‘Me Too Movement’ to help survivors of sexual violence, particularly non-white young women who were not so well off to find ways to make them come out of the aura that they had suffered. The “silence breakers” refer to any man or woman who come forward to say that they had been the victim of abuse. On Facebook, the hashtag was used by more than 4.7 million people in 12 million posts.

The #MeToo movement didn’t start with Alyssa Milano’s tweet. Rather, Burke coined the phrase in back in 2006 when she created the nonprofit Just Be Inc. to help young women of color.

There are number of famous people who get into the #Me Too Movement and find accused and guilty for the case.

Kanan Gill

The comedian gained humongous fame with Pretentious Movie Review that he did along with Biswa Kalyan Rath. He had since then featured in a number of stand-ups and also been a part of the Sonakshi Sinha starrer Noor. Women have come up on Twitter and claimed that he had manhandled many of his fans on various occasions!

Kailash Kher

Women had mentioned how Kailash Kher has misbehaved with them, but the allegations got hushed up. But this time, he has been named once again for making untoward advances towards a woman from Muscat who had gone to interview him!

Chetan Bhagat

A set of allegations have come up against Chetan Bhagat who had wanted to hook-up with a woman and said that even though he is married, he has never felt a connection like that. Chetan Bhagat has accepted that the chat shown is indeed true and has also explained his situation.

However, there are also some other cases which highlighting now because of the #Mee Too Campaign

What about false allegations?

The #MeToo movement is neither perfect nor organised by any institution. It’s often an organic process where a survivor starts speaking, triggering an outpouring from others. There is certainly a possibility that a false allegation can be made. However, considering the fact that existing legal processes in the country are weighed heavily against the survivor, the possibility is negligible. This is especially so when the survivor has put her name to the allegation and is running a huge risk to her career and personal life.



The Impact of Social Media on Indian Society

Social media is a biggest communication network which is very helpful and also harmful if it is used in bad ways ,particularly on the younger generations today. For brand development, social media plays very important role.Facebook is one of the biggest social media websites that allows you to stay in touch with friends and build a network of people.This creates a sense of awareness amongst the people who were once very ignorant of important matters of the society.Once the network is formed, people start to interact with each other and share views, ideas, opinions etc.

Current Scenario – Impact of Social Media on Indian Society

Online life nowadays has turned into a solid weapon to assault the social shrewdness of disparity. Individuals from the underprivileged society have dependably been smothered by the privileged individuals. Such mistreated individuals are additionally presently taking up their cases to internet based life and posting remarks and recordings of the afflictions done on them.

Like online networking sites, there are web-based social networking applications that additionally assume a critical job in changing the country. One such application is Whatsapp. This application is principally to talk with your contacts, however with the development of gatherings, one can make mindfulness and expand on an announcement to change mentalities.

Today, we can unquestionably say that online life is a stage for change in the Indian culture. The Indian culture too has profited from this online upset and introduced new seek after the penniless individuals.

Youtube Channel

You tube is a platform for anyone who wants to be get famous in the public by showing their talent and also a good source to earn money by just posting original and new content on it.However, the more viewers or subscribers the user will get the more they earn on it.You tube is a platform with number of talented people from around the world with their content and it can include any type of video stream which can be a music videos, movie trailers, funny stuff etc. As of now a days everyone has there own smartphone or cameras with 1020p or 4k video quality which help viewers watch in HD quality.

I have also created an You tube channel in 2013 but for only downloading videos or like or subscribe other channels. However, i have also uploaded some funny content on my channel few days back with the video of 2-3 minutes and it has around 120 viewers on it. Now a days it is easy to upload a video with few simple steps but to get an original content the user has to think different and get something new for the viewers.

Here are some of the steps to upload any video on You tube:

Sign in to your record.

Select the transfer catch.

Intuitive or select the record to transfer.

Enter portrayal, labels, and security data.

Offer the video to online networking


Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Website design enhancement is the procedure that is utilized to send signs to web indexes that your pages merit appearing in google’s record.Site design improvement is a system utilized in web distributing to build website page perceivability and movement for a higher positioning in web crawlers and more an article utilizing Search Engine Optimization requires great composition abilities to make the article intriguing and simple to peruse.

Website design enhancement on a Global Scale: Ranking Internationally

Various variables influence your rankings in any given nation. Some are more pivotal than others, and building up a far reaching worldwide SEO methodology requires both specialized and substance components.How exhaustive your universal SEO procedure is ought to rely upon your financial plan, inner assets, and the genuine market openings that exist abroad.

For what reason is SEO so critical?

On the off chance that you have a site, blog or online store, SEO can enable your business to develop and meet the business destinations. Site improvement is basic in light of the fact that: … Website design enhancement isn’t just about web indexes yet great SEO rehearses enhance the client experience and ease of use of a site.


Radical groups in 70’s

As compared to 21st century the crimes may not be same as in 60’s or 70’s however the minds or technology were not so advance as compared to these days. In Days of Rage, it simultaneously disturbing and annoying. It’s disturbing because of the remarkable combination of stupidity, ignorance that were shown by these extremists. Absolutely nothing they did helped bring about a more equitable or compassionate for the country. It was popular in those days to quote the Wretched of the Earth. Untitled-1

Today, the greater part of the crazies are on the right—most conspicuously in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia—yet with the same fierce machismo running uncontrolled. Be that as it may, while left-wing fear based oppression has for the most part vanished, the to a great extent overlooked story in Days of Rage should lead us to ask—keeping in mind that history rehash itself as rough sham—why the most extraordinary, anyway nutty, are so much of the time ready to seize developments indicating to battle for social equity. “We really accepted there would have been a revolution,”We trusted Third World nations would ascend and cause emergencies that would cut down the industrialized West, and we trusted it would happen tomorrow, or possibly the day after tomorrow, as 1976.

Remembering the Left-Wing Terrorism of the 1970s


There are some of the terrorism happend during the late 70’s which not only changed the thinking of some people but also the world with different prospectives to see the others.

46 years of terrorist attacks in Europe

From 1970 to 2016:5,215 individuals passed on from bombings. 2,463 from deaths. 2,270 from strikes. 957 from prisoner circumstances. 183 from hijackings. 88 from building assaults. Thousands injured or missing.chart

Is Terrorism Getting Worse? In the West, Yes. In the World, No.

Terrorism was more deadly in decades past as the death toll from terrorism increased in the West last year, with large attacks in some of the big cities with high pol of deaths increasing with every year of report. Since most fear based oppression passings happen in places with common wars, it very well may be difficult to unwind what considers psychological warfare and what is conventional outfitted clash.

Section 66A of IT Act in India

Any person who sends, by means of a computer resource or a communication device however any information that is grossly offensive or has menacing character or any information which he knows to be false, but for the purpose of causing annoyance, inconvenience, danger, obstruction, insult, injury, criminal intimidation, enmity, hatred or ill will, persistently by making use of such computer resource or a communication device.

The issues with the wording of the act

One of the main problems with the act is the fact that it is framed in vague and sweeping language, which allows law enforcement authorities to interpret it in a subjective manner.This issue was also brought up by the Supreme Court while it was hearing the petitions against the act.

Health & Fitness for Busy People

Use the loudspeaker or your mobile

On the off chance that you have a tendency to be on the telephone a great deal, consider ways you can get dynamic amid these long calls. Escaping the workplace and going for a walk some place calm can be an incredible approach to get some activity without losing any focus while on the telephone, or notwithstanding pacing in your office while on the telephone can help keep you dynamic and sound.



On those events when you figure out how to cut a space in your bustling calendar to work out, ensure you are getting the most out of your exercise by doing supersets. Super-setting can cut your activity time by 50 for every penny in light of the fact that as opposed to having rest periods between sets, you do an option practice that rests the muscles you’ve recently prepared and practices the inverse one, preceding you start your next set. For instance, once you’ve chipped away at your stomach, work out your lower back.


Optimum foods

When you’re occupied your eating routine can endure and candy machines, pizzas and takeaways can turn out to be excessively of a customary event. To ensure you’re getting the correct nourishment ensure you generally have a decent supply of sustenances that convey the most extreme medical advantages to hand. For instance, tomatoes (useful for your heart), spinach (useful for your mind), blueberries (useful for your cholesterol), salmon (useful for weight reduction) and pumpkin seeds (useful for your memory) are gigantically nutritious and will keep you full.


Live an active lifestyle

Start with 5-10 min strolls before breakfast or after supper and work up to 30 minutes.

Finish housework all alone as opposed to utilizing employed offer assistance.

Work outside by cutting the grass, watching out for the garden, or raking takes off.

In the case of sitting in front of the TV, utilize a stationary bicycle to pedal or extend while seeing.

Stand up when you chat on the phone as opposed to taking a seat.

Put resources into practice gear, as it is a one-time cost that everybody in the family can utilize.

 Drink 2 Cups of Water Before Every Meal

Drink up! A recent report distributed in the diary Obesity uncovered drinking some water 30 minutes before members ate prompted direct weight reduction through the span of 12 weeks. By just drinking water when you initially wake up, go out for lunch, or return home from work, you can enhance your wellbeing without doing much. Besides, keeping the body hydrated is fundamental to expel squander, grease up joints, help in processing, and fend off cerebral pains, dry mouth, and unsteadiness.



We as a whole have the great aims of attempting to exercise. A few of us are more fruitful than others. While the medical advantages are self-evident, the symptoms can be somewhat irritating, abandoning us with a throbbing painfulness. Solid living is a way of life, yet it doesn’t have to bring about exhaustion and agony. Here are five unique exercises that assistance you recuperate and stay solid after an exercise.


Spend Some Time in a Sauna

Watch a Movie or TV


Demonetisation: After affliction passing, damage and loss of pay, individuals ask; was the torment justified, despite all the trouble?

In the consequence of the notes review choice, individuals endured the most as they needed to hold up in long lines outside banks and ATM booths for getting money. In the beginning period of the 50 days note boycott drive, Modi government had put a roof of Rs 2,000 on day by day money withdrawal constrain which was raised marginally going ahead.

The regular man was not in any case given a legitimate hearing that further declined the effectively slight winning circumstance.

Over a hundred people kicked the bucket in the lines, as indicated by reports.

Delhi’s Saud-ur-Rahman, 48-year-old publication fashioner, kicked the bucket of a gigantic heart assault. Prior to his demise, Rahman for three continuous days held up from early morning to late evening in long lines for money.

“Our youngster has gone. We couldn’t address him one final time. For what reason would I need to talk about him to others,” his 70-year old father Ahmed Rahman told IANS before closing the entryway and removing any more inquiries. The agony felt by the father was as genuine today as it was a year back.